12 February 2010

Amazing Clocks

I am still in the process of healing, but it still wont stop me from shopping online about home development. I know, I know I have to make sure that I have to be heal and feel better first before doing this online shopping but I can't stop it. I have the passion on shopping online during my child's rest day, I mean during the time the he is taking a nap or just simply being such a cutie. We have received a clock from our wedding reception a year ago. That helps us to monitor that feeding, what time is it and just to know how fast the days and time were. But I am not content on just having one clock and will be hanged on the wall in just one area. I want it to be more accessible, every room in the house should have a clock, that way we don't need to go to the living room or bedroom to check what time it is. I guess my online shopping is definitely worth it. Because at the same time, I did found a great mantel clock that I do find it very nice and amazingly perfect for the house improvement. I will surely save and bookmark this, that way when I have the money ready, I would be able to purchase it online without going anywhere.

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