29 October 2009

A Dear friend will taking over

I am talking about these blog. I will not be here that often so I asked a friend of mine to use this account and this blog so she could share some of her online diaries and stuff and mingle with other bloggers online.

I am thankful enough to hear that she accept my offer that way, these blog would not be wasted and neglected. Reasons behind this is that I don't have internet access which is really the main cause. Also I am very much busy with new work and my baby and life.

Hopefully that when things go right. I would definitely inform everyone if I had come back again into the blog world.

So for the meantime it is my friend who will be using these account and blog. Ciao for now!

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Lisa 29 October, 2009 20:15  

Hi sis, salamat sa visit at sa comments, I appreciate ...again thanks a lot..

OO ganon talaga pag busy tayo wala ng time more sa computer...ganon din ako sa iba kung blog...

Anyway goodluck to your friend into blogging!

Spices of Life 30 October, 2009 15:21  

thanks for the often visit lisa...more blessings

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