15 October 2009

Full time at Work?

I was called by the Workforce supervisor in her office and asked me if I would like to go fulltime. But for some reason, I don't like talking for 8 hours every day, I decided to decline the offer and would rather stick to part time.

Besides, I am not sure if I will be back to work after giving birth. As I have problems getting a baby sitter that I have to entrust my son with. A family member would be great but everyone here is busy. I would also hoping my mom would come and help me. But flying all the way to Philippines scares the hell out of her.

I don't blame her though. Also, I was not force to go full time, whenever I have decided to take the offer all I have to do is go and talk to the Workforce Supervisor for my decision.

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Nisha 16 October, 2009 10:19  

Hi April.. you've given birth? when, and hows the baby? hope the little one is good and not worrying mamma too much.. wonder whether boy or girl? :-)

psycha 24 October, 2009 07:28  

hi just came to visit. I understand you decline the offer. Your baby needs you

med 24 October, 2009 07:30  

have a great weekend. keep being a good mom

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