02 October 2009

Hit and Run

I'm pissed last night Thursday after bowling tournament with my husband. Why, because some jerk and coward stupid American just left the scene without confronting the owner of the car they hit. Good thing, that there is a good samaritan still this days, who reported it to the bowling counter. And immediately, went to announced it, the cashier came back outside to check because nobody is inside the bowling lane anymore.

That is the time, that my husband just notice that his car plate were distorted or crocked and he know that it was his car. I was looking at the plate number and it fell off the ground after my husband touched it.

I told him, you can report it to the police since they got the plate number of those stupid Americans. He is still nice and will wait until next week, told him that don't tolerate those people. Just call the cop to report that way they'll learned their lessons and next time, they will face the consequences of what they have done.

I am still pissed until now!

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nitawatson44 14 October, 2009 11:52  

a stupid American...........

Anonymous 08 December, 2012 05:12  

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