13 September 2009

The Season has started

I am talking about my husband's bowling tournament. It just started last thursday sept 10. The day of our 1st year anniversary. Another time for them to have fun, earn money and hopefully they keep winning this extra prices while bowling. It was fun, I experienced the whole season last year, but I was hindrance to join the team because I'm scared. Everyone are pro and not me. I know I suck and bowling is just not my sport.

Hopefully, that I keep getting more updates with the status of my husband's team which named THE BOGGIE JAMS. By the way, I am their official secretary. I will try to share some pictures I'll be taking during their plays. The scores too if they win or if they lose the game.

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Lisa 16 September, 2009 20:15  

Hi April, sorry sa late reply and thanks for leaving a comment on my post. OO, we move to the Philippines soon I hope, just waiting the closing of the house here. Maganda kung retire na mag move para may kalarong income sa atin. Asawa ko kasi early retire sya after his 30 plus years of working in the company, then yon for good na kami at sana soon!!!

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