30 October 2009

Have a Happy Halloween to ALL!

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29 October 2009

A Dear friend will taking over

I am talking about these blog. I will not be here that often so I asked a friend of mine to use this account and this blog so she could share some of her online diaries and stuff and mingle with other bloggers online.

I am thankful enough to hear that she accept my offer that way, these blog would not be wasted and neglected. Reasons behind this is that I don't have internet access which is really the main cause. Also I am very much busy with new work and my baby and life.

Hopefully that when things go right. I would definitely inform everyone if I had come back again into the blog world.

So for the meantime it is my friend who will be using these account and blog. Ciao for now!


26 October 2009

Better Ready when for a disaster

This days we better learn or have a little bit of training when it comes to fire, as we know that fire comes and starts in so many ways. Would you be calm if God forbids that fire starts in your house or some place where you know your family or friends or just your neighbors are?

Better to know it by yourself that way you would know exactly where or what to do once it occurs. Do you know where you can find a good Security Consultants and firearms training in los angeles? Why don't you visit the website to know exactly where they are located in order to get a firearm training.

Also if you can't go because you can't find a babysitter for your kid you can simply go online to their website and get an online training. After you have successfully pass the training they'll give you these online guard card. Which would be symbolized that you have undergo their firearm training. Better ready when for the incoming disaster or regret it in the future.


15 October 2009

Full time at Work?

I was called by the Workforce supervisor in her office and asked me if I would like to go fulltime. But for some reason, I don't like talking for 8 hours every day, I decided to decline the offer and would rather stick to part time.

Besides, I am not sure if I will be back to work after giving birth. As I have problems getting a baby sitter that I have to entrust my son with. A family member would be great but everyone here is busy. I would also hoping my mom would come and help me. But flying all the way to Philippines scares the hell out of her.

I don't blame her though. Also, I was not force to go full time, whenever I have decided to take the offer all I have to do is go and talk to the Workforce Supervisor for my decision.


10 October 2009

Stirke Ball

Got a text from my one and only and didn't bother to read it before taking off to work and heading to the bowling lane. A good friend of mine gave me a ride since my husband couldn't make it because it will totally held their team from playing.

When I got there I still didn't read his message and finally he told me to read it. Knowing that I have a very late reaction he won the strike ball in the amount of $125. He only pays $1 and the night his number were called I wasn't around to witnessed his victory.

Oh well, better luck next time. But that was a blast! knowing that he won the strike ball is really great to know.


07 October 2009

Rainy Fall...

I remember earlier this fall, our place is wet, cold and always rainy. That really gives me the hard time to get up in the morning to get ready for work.

This kind of weather isn't like the past years as what my husband told me with their place. But because of the global warming this might be one of the reasons behind.

How about you? Is your place have a rainy fall too?


Top 10 Entrecard for September 2009

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02 October 2009

Hit and Run

I'm pissed last night Thursday after bowling tournament with my husband. Why, because some jerk and coward stupid American just left the scene without confronting the owner of the car they hit. Good thing, that there is a good samaritan still this days, who reported it to the bowling counter. And immediately, went to announced it, the cashier came back outside to check because nobody is inside the bowling lane anymore.

That is the time, that my husband just notice that his car plate were distorted or crocked and he know that it was his car. I was looking at the plate number and it fell off the ground after my husband touched it.

I told him, you can report it to the police since they got the plate number of those stupid Americans. He is still nice and will wait until next week, told him that don't tolerate those people. Just call the cop to report that way they'll learned their lessons and next time, they will face the consequences of what they have done.

I am still pissed until now!

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