18 May 2010

He needs a massage

Due to the in-demand at work, my husband was working more over time doing his job. Even though he would love to finish everything on his own, he has to double check the work of his co-worker because it's a newbie. Now I have to understand his nature of work and its demand so although he gets home sometimes late and tired to spend time with us. I have to accept that he is doing his best to give us a wonderful life. Sounds not easy at all? I know, and have to be patients about it.

Now every time he comes home from work, he shares about what a long day or wet day or tireful day he has at work. I have to know exactly what's going too, why is this and why is that. And it will end up that he hurts his hands, his back is hurting. As a loving wifey, I have to make sure that I have given him enough care and love. So even though he won't ask for a massage I offered him to give him a massage because for sure that's what he would love to have to calm his muscles and have a good night rest. 

In order for me to do so I have to use  tamanu oil benefits I'm pretty sure that this would help me rub his back without ripping it or giving him too much pain.


03 May 2010

How to Entertain myself

Sometimes being at home is kinda routinely and you get bored. I don't usually wait to get that point. That is why, I make sure that I have things to do in line on my list. So that I won't get bored while my son is napping. Aside from cleaning the house all the time, I also go online blogging, or even find websites that could give me a fun things to do. Such as a funbrain. Find it very much amusing and yes, I even bookmark the website that way i don't need to do the procedures over and over again. Whenever I have time I just go to my bookmark tab and click the website and instantly it directs me to the page that I would like to go with.

Now, how to entertain myself even though I have a routinely chores/works at home? Simply I go online and makes sure that i be more resourceful to find things to do.


Spring Clean up

Yesterday, Sunday was the schedule of our Spring clean up here. I got up too early as my son wakes me up too early and don't want to go back to bed. No choice, but to get my butt up and stay in the living room. It's fine we play along until he gets tired and took his nap.

Was waiting for my hubby to wakes up. During weekend I don't usually wakes him up because that is the only time that he sleeps longer in the day. But this time, it was until 12 noon. I only got 4 hours sleep and yet he managed to sleep for more than the required sleep time which is 8 hours. Blame it to our dinner banquet the night before? I don't think so.

We started cleaning up. Or I shall say he starts to do laundry, went to the basement and get all those unwanted things we are going to put away. Went to the attic and got some clothes to sort out too so I can send some in the Philippines.

The cleaning with the unwanted things ended around 6pm. Good thing we don't have the much stuff to sort out next. What would be the next thing to do? To make sure that we'll do the wood shutters soon.

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