13 September 2009

The Season has started

I am talking about my husband's bowling tournament. It just started last thursday sept 10. The day of our 1st year anniversary. Another time for them to have fun, earn money and hopefully they keep winning this extra prices while bowling. It was fun, I experienced the whole season last year, but I was hindrance to join the team because I'm scared. Everyone are pro and not me. I know I suck and bowling is just not my sport.

Hopefully, that I keep getting more updates with the status of my husband's team which named THE BOGGIE JAMS. By the way, I am their official secretary. I will try to share some pictures I'll be taking during their plays. The scores too if they win or if they lose the game.


07 September 2009

Happ Labor Day America!

Since, I don't work today, I just want to celebrate the Holiday of Us to everyone who didn't have work today. Hope that your holiday pays off those hard working days.



05 September 2009

Blogging for Money

Another website where you can actually earn another extra income for your daily needs. We know that there are so many post paid blogging recently but I just found one too. And wanted to share this with you all. Try to visit Advertise with my Blog now!.


04 September 2009

Early Christmas Shopping

Yes, I am thinking of presents lately even if it's way too far. The earlier the better right? And since I have so many things to buy for my family and friends, I don't need to wait for December or near that month to go crazy to buy presents. One mission, I have is for my hubby, what kind of item should I buy for him. So, in order to know some details, I searched online and found www.bestoftime.com. Where actually so many items where I can choose from for my hubby. These amazing watches are just perfect for him. It has a lot of things to help him. And now I'm grabbing one for him, not too fancy he might not like it. Good thing that, they just have so many kinds of watches for me to choose from.

Check out the website so you'll be able to see what I saw.


August 2008, Entrecard Top 10

I know I have not been busy improvising this blog lately, but hopefully and hopefully that I'll give more time this time. But, I won't give promises yet and then later on it'll be broken. For now, I want to give thanks to this fellow bloggers who spent time to dropped by in my page. A million thanks to you they are;

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