12 June 2009

What a Wonderful Sunrise

What do you think of that breathtaking scenery of early morning that I captured? Isn't that amazing? I certainly loved it so much. Would you like to see more? Please visit the main of this entry @ SKY WATCH FRIDAY for more.

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Greyscale Territory 12 June, 2009 08:36  

Lovely wisps of colour! Very gentle scene!

Secret Mom Thoughts 12 June, 2009 08:45  

Beautiful skywatch shot. Gorgeous colors.

Lynn 12 June, 2009 10:36  

Beautiful. I love the soft colors.

srp 12 June, 2009 10:58  

Yes, a great morning shot... perhaps I will wait until sunrise doesn't come at such an inhumane hour. The brightness of the rising sun woke me before 5:30 this morning. It doesn't want me to sleep......

Eric(NL) 12 June, 2009 10:59  

Very nice sunrise here!!!

Have a nice Skywatch Friday

Jeri 12 June, 2009 21:55  

It is indeed amazing! It looks like those wispy clouds were placed right in that spot to catch the soft glow of the sunlight.

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