06 June 2009

Thinking of Franchise

I remembered one of my previous college classmates opened up a new restaurant in town. It was a Chinese Restaurant manage by his own family and some crew they hire to assist them. It didn't last for after one year in business they decided to close down the food business for they don't have that much customers as they thought they will have. She mentioned before that they might franchise a food chain that is already well known and even if you pay big for the franchise, there won't be any tendency of bankruptcy. Instead they didn't pursue the first plan, and ends up close in the end. So, until now she still wants to open a new franchise restaurant in the future but doesn't want to happen the same thing with his father's business. So, I told her to visit Real Property Management. It will give her more knowledge on what will be the advantages and disadvantages of having franchise or choosing not too.

I never heard from her lately, so I do hope that it will help her a lot into her future businesses.

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