02 June 2008

In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.

I do believe on such quote. Right now, I'm doing my job seriously. I have no one to depend on.. It's pretty hard for me act as if i worry nothing.. i don't have any choice at all though. Well, I'm glad since Mem nova is still working with me. All i have to do is to Buzz her and ask her so many questions.. i believe I could meet their expectations in time.. I just hope that the difficulties I'm experiencing right now would soon be turn into another opportunity.. I'd like to learn more. I'd like to work really hard not to impress anyone but to prove to myself that despite the weaknesses i possess, with determination, hard work and passion within me, i can survive. I believe i will.

Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

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Pinay WAHM 17 June, 2008 21:49  

Hi April...

Musta na? I haven't seen you in a while so I thought I'd leave a message here instead of the cbox...

I hope you're all adjusted now after Nova's departure. Your positive outlook is very refreshing. It seems you're someone who will be very successful in anything and everything you put your mind into.

Keep being positive. It will take you a long way!


Pinay WAHM 27 June, 2008 13:55  

I'm back April...how have you been? I hope everything's going well.


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