05 June 2008

I'm Luckier

For all of my life, i felt that I'm not that blessed compared to other people around me. They have almost everything. Great looks, nice body, brilliant brain, and financially stable. well, who doesn't want those?

I've been into so much struggle and never expected I could work immediately after graduation from college. yeah, i already earn certain degree but to tell you honestly I am not confident of my capabilities. For me I'm so young to be employed and so young to handle responsibilities..

I'm a fighter that's innate but inside of me lies all the fears. What i have in mind is that, the expectations is high enough to be on a certain position. However, in spite of what i thought, you know what I did? I prayed and ask God for guidance and that he will give me what i truly deserve.. whatever it is will be humbly accepted and i will never ask for more....

Presenting my working area... ------ >

It's plain and simple, Isn't it?..I never thought to have such.. For me, I'm luckier that without any expectations, I was able to hire as a Secretary and now enjoying the privileges..

Despite the fears i had, God gave answers to all those prayers.. I'm lucky enough..

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