13 October 2011

deal with it! have FUN..

Just don't know what is exactly happening. I am getting so bored staying 24/7 at HOME. I hate doing the same thing over and over again. Thinking of something I can do to at least give myself a chance to relax and have fun.

Life is indeed short but whenever I thought of something else to do like take a vacation, travel somewhere to visit new beautiful places near the town, to meet new people, etc.. just to enjoy and be relaxed at times, I can't help but always postpone it because it requires money. Though I can spend something for that, I just can't persist because I still have to attend to my top priorities which somehow makes me feel sad because really really feel bored. 

Just read this one dealfun.com complaints try to browse as well. Maybe we have almost the same case where you can relate with. 

Well by November first week, looking forward to really travel to Cebu with hubby and my baby girl, Audrey Venice. It would really be a big break for me so wish us luck. Praying that everything will be fine. I have had our tickets and we're going there with my Mother and Father. It's our treat since they've been working so hard and really find a hard time to relax so this is just the start, hope so.. Gonna deal with the FUN. : )

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