24 March 2011

It came back...

When we went to NYC for a short trip. Our weather in Jamestown were so nice and all the snow were melt. So in NYC when we got there. I was thinking of making a nice bar in our background this Spring Season in order to enjoy the outdoor weather. I even got a nice Modern Bar Stools design. I can't wait to discuss it with my husband. A nice project for that this year. Unfortunately, when we got back from our trip. From thousands miles up in the air. I can see white ground. Meaning, snow stays and the worst part is that this week it will be really cold. Our temperature will drop below 20's again. I thought, Spring will continuously coming however, I was wrong. Winter, snows, cold weather isn't going away for some reason. I just hope this week will be the last week that snows can actually stays on the  ground. Just way bummer for all of us who hopes to have an early Spring. 

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