09 March 2011

I want to eat Pizza Sub

I want to eat Pizza Sub now! I can't wait until Thursday when me and hubby are going to his bowling tournament and order one. I want to make our own, so we don't need to pay the amount that can make us eat at least 4 pieces. 

I searched online for the recipe and bought the ingredients to make one. I think I just make it good. Although, mine doesn't turn out like this because I never put some peppers or onions but just the pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni and mushroom. I still enjoyed the Pizza Sub I made. 

Now, that I can make one I don't need to buy and spend more amount just to eat one. While munching this delicious dinner. I am also lucky that I did find a paid search marketing online. I will look more into it and hopefully that it'll give me ways to earn extra income. 

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