29 March 2011

Back to Babysitting

After a week of our day off with babysitting. We are now back to what we used to do. Me and my son, babysit my friends kid while she is at work. Although, we only spend mostly 3 hours with the kids I am glad that my son has a playmate. It is fine than nothing to hang out with big girls. They both have fun, knowing that my son mingles with other kids is my fun too. Sometimes, when they just need something they all do it at the same time. Glad the other kid is old enough to understand to wait while I priorities both the younger sibling including my son. It is not that hard but sometimes, however it is pretty much exhausting. I have time to surf online too and be with myself is when they are napping. They can't bother me while I'm searching for a nice email direct marketing . Get to learn about this, in order to have an option on what to do to get a higher fee. 

I am sure that after the vacation, everything goes routinely again.

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