02 July 2009

Top 10, Entrecard Dropper for June 2008

Even though, I just recently started to join the Entrecard. I am still thankful to see that there are bloggers who spent time to give my blog and Entrecard a dropped. Now it the time to give appreciation to this people. Here's my TOP 10 ENTRECARD DROPPERS FOR JUNE OF 2008;

Momgen's Corner 11
sound of a soft breath 11
Cornymans Blogreviews 11
Life's Journey 10
Wonderful Things in LIfe 10
The One Minute Guide 9
Free Stuff in Las Vegas Baby 8
C'est La Vie 6
simplehappylife 6
Momgen Garage Store 5

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Rolly 03 July, 2009 15:58  

I tried my best to be included here next time.

Joro Livelihood
Joro, The New Beginning
Absolutely Joro
The World Of Joro
The Tale Of A Bukidnon Lad
Baconchezjoro Multiply

shydub 10 July, 2009 20:46  

yeeehhh i didnt know nakasali rin tong tamad na blogger nato hehehe. busy kasi sa lipatan april kaya madalang na bloghopping ko minsan. thanks for the link girl.

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks 18 July, 2009 01:06  

Hello, Dj Tammy is now posting her slogan making contest winners and luckily i wont the 4th prize. I won an ad space from you, you can grab my banner button at http://chuchieshideaway.blogspot.com/

Thanks for sponsoring the contest.

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