03 December 2007

Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence.

Love can be tricky. Barring a lucky few, love manages to trick and elude most of us. Whether you have been fortunate enough to find true love or are still on its trail,we must believe that love comes in a mysterious way.

December'07 has just began where i and my boyfriend talked about our up coming 2nd anniversary. For your knowledge, he is in Manila right now and still searching for a company to finally practice his profession. Going back, our situation right now is really tough. Just last Saturday (dec.01'07) i was in a dilemma of deciding whether to wait for him or to let him go. Weighing all the thoughts i have i decided to end up everything between us. i was honestly hopeless, and i'm longing to see him. i called and we talked over the phone until i said, "...i give up". i was brave then, though i'm crying. He ask me the reasons behind and if im sure and i did answer him with utmost respect and with his question that if im sure, i answered, YES, i am. He explained and ask if we can still fix everything..(he's like begging that time) however, that very day i was unhappy but i stood by my decision of letting him go.. My mind was occupied with despair and convincing myself that it was a right decision. wow that wasn't easy huh... huhuhu :( but my heart seems crying out loud

Time was running so fast until i decided to sleep. in the middle of the night my phone rang..without second thought, i answered the phone and we talked. That moment he kept on saying [ 'my, ayaw ko byaE beh?...] he was crying ..at that point i enjoyed the moment,vividly listening to his voice as he utter the same exact words i heard. i was guilty, really..i should have thought a thousand times before i made such decision.. i then realize that i was wrong.. we stayed up late talking over and over about what happened.. and we finally decided to move on..

well, i learned something out of that situation.. breaking up with my partner can never be the solution and it shouldn't be treated as a threat.. [im hope u understand what i mean. hehe!] i admit i was wrong though i did it with "reasons" actually.. theres something behind which i find unimportant to be included here.. hey,i did ask an apology and he accepted.

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