13 October 2011

deal with it! have FUN..

Just don't know what is exactly happening. I am getting so bored staying 24/7 at HOME. I hate doing the same thing over and over again. Thinking of something I can do to at least give myself a chance to relax and have fun.

Life is indeed short but whenever I thought of something else to do like take a vacation, travel somewhere to visit new beautiful places near the town, to meet new people, etc.. just to enjoy and be relaxed at times, I can't help but always postpone it because it requires money. Though I can spend something for that, I just can't persist because I still have to attend to my top priorities which somehow makes me feel sad because really really feel bored. 

Just read this one dealfun.com complaints try to browse as well. Maybe we have almost the same case where you can relate with. 

Well by November first week, looking forward to really travel to Cebu with hubby and my baby girl, Audrey Venice. It would really be a big break for me so wish us luck. Praying that everything will be fine. I have had our tickets and we're going there with my Mother and Father. It's our treat since they've been working so hard and really find a hard time to relax so this is just the start, hope so.. Gonna deal with the FUN. : )


22 June 2011

coming holidays

I accidentally read in the net about holidays, when I saw this holidays that it makes me thought of something events that is happening in Germany.

Holidays are happily celebrated by Pinoys. In practice, it is being celebrated with the family. It is the time where we bond with our family members. Christmas is really fast approaching. Holiday season is indeed our way of giving ample time with our children, parents, & friends.  We are being excused from our work loads and other responsibilities. It is our time to relax.. unwind.
I will be spending my holiday with my family and most specially with my girl Audrey. I will surely be staying home to relax and mingle with my nieces and nephews. Taking time to chat with friends who are working abroad. Greeting everyone and anything I can do to reach them, to keep in touch.

How about you, how would you spend your holidays? What are your preparations? We have been into alot of holidays, right? but this coming holidays are what we are more prepared of. It is time to give, to thank and to let our love one's know that we love and we value them.  May you spend your holidays fruitfully. Let us make sure that we are going to celebrate with our Family. I will continue reading about SEO Colchester just for information and knowledge.


26 April 2011

The Rain...

Has finally stopped after previews days we have. There is nothing you can do much outside the house because it was poring outside, plus it is cold too. It is already Spring, that's why it never stops raining however sometimes a place has too much of it that we don't need it for awhile.

What else have I done while the rain never stops poring? I play with my son when he is not napping, also if he is and I have done surfing online. I look in my computer and read about what Nursing courses. Where to find uniform, just in case I urge myself to take one. At least I have an idea where to get them, I would rather bookmark the link I got from this website. And to insure that you can check the website I am looking for nice women uniform and I can share you the direct URL just click this: http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Women/.


23 April 2011

Boredom makes you think of so many things

Few days ago I wasn't much into computer. I was paying attention to my part time work which is babysitting. Although, I only earn a little bit every week, it would be a good extra income than nothing at all. While the kids and my son were napping. I was thinking of a goal once my son is big and went to school. I might get an online course like Nursing. 

I mean, I really have to sacrifice something but I do hope in the end it will be worth doing it. I don't have any problems when it comes to finding nursing uniforms. There will be plenty online where I know exactly the right website to go into. These uniform are not the issue, but the financial towards the fee of the course. 

I was thinking that going back to school and get the on demand course would definitely help me earn more money. I will help my husband and he would no longer work two jobs. Maybe I'll start by researching online, plus not only the course but as well as where to buy cheap scrubs


30 March 2011


While sitting on the computer and browsing online. I have notice our kitchen flooring. It needs to get fix. Since winter is over and it is safe for us to do some home improvement. I will proposed this with my husband about changing our kitchen flooring. Or it need to get fix as soon as possible. Since our son loves to hang out in the kitchen for he can play with my pots and pans, or the tapper ware we have or just the covers and more. Giving him options to look online it would be best if I'll browse about Floor company. At least, I will pick out those flooring that we need to replace for our kitchen. Have to give him more options that way, he'll choose from the designs that I like already. 


29 March 2011

Please more to come...

I was praying last night for a blessing to be given to me today. The prayers were answered. I don't have a higher fee job and it is just for a friend's favor that I get paid off as well. That's better than getting nothing at all. At least when you want to buy something for yourself or for the family you don't need to ask money from your partner. I never like that at all. In fact, if I ask once in a while? I was doubtful if he will share it with me because we have bills to priorities first. I want to learn about getting a nicer job, something that you just have to surf online. Something in related with Local search marketing. I do hope that more opportunity to come in my way so I could earn extra money for our needs.



While I was browsing online hoping for a great opportunity. I finally came across to this logo designs for free. It is pretty awesome. I can learn so many things from this website and in fact if I am a PRO I can sale them for other website who needs to have a unique logo. It wasn't bad, you just have to be patient in order to learn so many things. I think today, I feel so lucky. Because if you ask from the Creator? He will never say No to you unless it is not for good.


Back to Babysitting

After a week of our day off with babysitting. We are now back to what we used to do. Me and my son, babysit my friends kid while she is at work. Although, we only spend mostly 3 hours with the kids I am glad that my son has a playmate. It is fine than nothing to hang out with big girls. They both have fun, knowing that my son mingles with other kids is my fun too. Sometimes, when they just need something they all do it at the same time. Glad the other kid is old enough to understand to wait while I priorities both the younger sibling including my son. It is not that hard but sometimes, however it is pretty much exhausting. I have time to surf online too and be with myself is when they are napping. They can't bother me while I'm searching for a nice email direct marketing . Get to learn about this, in order to have an option on what to do to get a higher fee. 

I am sure that after the vacation, everything goes routinely again.

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