07 September 2010

What kind of weather

...we have this past few days. After the consecutive rains we have last week finally this day we have a clear and a high of 82F temperature. It will be my chance to go to the store with my son. But for some reason I got hit by laziness. Good thing my SIL and Niece Madi came by to see us. Great to know because I haven't seen Madi for a long time. It's nice to be at home with your in laws and just talk or update each other. Chrissy [another sister in law] came by too since she had the car.

After an hours of them to be here. They decided to left so that my son could have his afternoon nap. Then those are the times that I have to make sure I have taken my shower, clean the house and eat my lunch. Of course I make sure that my son eats first before I do. 

Then I become productive. I decided to make an Anniversary Card for my husband because it will be a smart idea to make one instead of spending my money. At the same time I can make nice Cards such as business cards and I can do a free business card too as a sample to my customers.

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