21 January 2010

Toaster Oven

I am not really used into upgraded appliances or shall I say the more higher appliances. Well maybe because even though my parents can afford to buy one. They would rather us be into the old ways instead. Aside from giving us more lessons to work hard in life to get a nice and better appliances at home it also help us use the old ways of appliances. So that means, we won't miss the old ways as we all know that everything nowadays has been upgraded into much high technology.

Oven toaster before is way too expensive. And mostly rich people could only afford to buy it. My family usually to be more practical and I'm glad that they choose that way. And now that I move in the US with my husband, every single house do own a convection toaster oven. Which at first I got confused and didn't bother to use it. I would rather wait for my husband to give me a hand than ending up giving the house an explosion because I didn't use the proper guidelines. Things makes this appliance easy. Made were cook fast and you can eventually bake cakes, cookies and other pastries easily.

I'm still thankful that I have used the old ways because at least I could differentiate the old from the modern.

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