30 January 2010

Thinking way too far

Okay, we all know mothers, incoming mothers to be has all this plan for their kids or children in the future. Sometimes it is just way too far from what is in the present. Well, I think that is not bad at all at least we as the parents has all this plans for our kids. Instead of being useless and no plans at all. So here I am speaking to one of the mother or father out there regarding their kids. Especially when it comes into their futures.Will they go by public school? What would happen during their college. Will they be able to get or take an exam in a University? I really want to this kind of plan because as what my parents did for me when I was in Philippines they really provide everything I needed for my school as well as all the support and love that I needed too. And I want to make sure that I will be able to give the same thing to our kids now too. 

As this discussion is going deeper with my husband. I could not stop thinking about it and browse online about the dorm and other stuff that our kid would be needed in the future in order for us to save for it. This leads me into the website Student Lettings in Leeds.


This is getting ridiculous

This is really ridiculous, I thought that the snow will be gone for good for last 2 weeks ago due to consistent rain. But no! As I have read the news, the snow is coming back and this time for more. It didn't failed us. It snowed more and more and blizzards everywhere is freaking cold.and it makes me mad. It makes me wanna go home back to Philippines where the tropical weather is and just come back here once the winter is over. 

What can I do?I'm also due and I can't go travel. So acceptance and hoping that on the next weeks it won't be as freaking cold as lately.


28 January 2010

Be a Pro

I am talking about being a pro when selecting a good cheap web hosting. Makes sure that not only that you are looking for a cheaper price, but knowing what services they can give you that you won't get regret from importing your blog into your new web hosting. As for me, the hunting or searching of a good web hosting is not over yet. Because I have to make sure that not only I am satisfied, I have to make sure that I will be more confident on transporting all my important entries unto this web hosting. I am glad that even though I am not that pro on looking for a great deal web hosting. Reviews helps me a lot to know and differential which one should suited me and what hosting should be a good way for me to pick out.

I am making sure that once I have finalized and decided even though I regret it in the last part. At least, I have decided everything a head and just accept what I have chosen. Are you a pro? If not, why don't you visit webhostinggeeks dot com and see all the reviews, cheap web hosting and even recommended web hosting that might be suited on what you are looking for. The next time you will definitely become a pro when it comes on looking for a great deal web hosting.


Still a Mess

There are more boxes we need to put in the basement in order to have a clean and comfy dining and living room. The house really looks like we just moved from one place to the other. We should have done this re-arrangement before not now that I cannot lift up things that much and it tires me easily. I still have to give you more updates about the cleaning we have here. We are not over yet, because we just started it.


Where you can buy protein drinks

I am sure I am not new on discussing buying good protein drinks not for me, but for my dearest husband. It is not that he really needs it so badly? It is just that since the day we met, I wanted to make sure that my goal for him will be accomplish. As time goes by, I am not sure if that would really be accomplish. I don't carry his body and his entire system to gain all this fats, protein that way he won't look like he will be blown away by the wind.

I know, I sound really harsh, as I am pretty much exhausted on what else to give to him to gain more weight. I cook delicious food, and he eats tons like 3 times of the volume that I ate but unfortunately all those food and proteins just can't be seen on his physical appearance. Do you have any more options you can share with me?

If you are looking for a protein drinks and you haven't tried this one yet. Why don't you go to the website and check it first.


2 Boxes of Pizza

That is the humongous size my husband bought from Pizza Hut. It is not only one but 2 boxes of Pizza. Man! I can't eat that much since I'm having heartburn afterward. He brought the other box at his awning work to be shared with his co-worker I was really shocked when he told me what he brought. Do you think you can eat such size of pizza?


27 January 2010

Where to buy gold

I have seen so many commercials on the television about where to buy or sell your gold. I kinda hesitant about that because will it be worth it for this particular company to pay me the exact amount my gold coins cost? I do not know until I try to go and actually sell or buy gold bullion from them.

This reminds me also about my mother. Whom to love to collect gold for investment. I know she's right and I should be holding on to it because the investment of gold won't eventually go away or drop. No matter where you go and what you do, you have the way of exchanging that gold metal into something that you needed the most one day.

She bought so many gold jewelry and gold coin as her investment and I tell you that she's holding on to it. I know mother knows best and I do agree with that because I have been seeing all the things she'd done and it is all working out. So, I wanted to do the same thing as what my mother is doing now and before. Where can I buy gold that is worth it and that I am sure it is all pure.


26 January 2010

Gaining More Visitors

As I have noticed that this website doesn't have that much visitors and commentor. I am trying so hard lately to visit websites and share my insights with the entries they have in order to pay back a visit and comment. But it seems nothing is going on? Nothing pays back anything, at the same time I don't force them to just leave me comment just because they were force. I would really love to hear your voices on my entries. Which I do find uninterested at all. I'll do my best to post entries here that excites you readers and friends. I'll be more enthusiast next time. 


Have you tried this?

If you do not have any internet connection at home just like my family. I recommend you to try this new high speed satellite internet. If you are into watching movies, browsing or just exploring videos or download them online. I must say that you definitely need a high speed internet provider to give your work done fast and quick. It is way much better to have a high speed internet that you are going to use for all of this activity because it won't irritate you while waiting for a download item or file to be done. They are much cheaper and having them 24/7 in your house is not stressful. Unlike the dial up connection you have to call do manually connected and if not lucky by the time you try to connect. You have to wait for a quite sometime to get connected with. And it will also interrupted, while other if you have an high speed satellite internet you will feel better, quick and easy for all the transaction online that you going to be done.

So, I told my family why not to try get this satellite internet that I found online. Cheaper and affordable for them, at the same time we won't have problem get connected with each other. Meaning there will not be interrupted conversation anymore.


25 January 2010

2 days left

At work and I'll be on my Maternity leave. I'm handing my note from my OB today to our HR to inform them that I won't be finishing my shift this week. I'll be at work til January 28, which this coming Thursday. I think it is better for me to get ready for the coming of my son.

Got a mixed emotion, but I have to get over with this. And see my son soon. And as for the work? I'll be back after my leave.


Amazed with the builders

That is true, I am really amazed to these people who build houses our from a scratch. They known as Builders. This reminds me of those people in my home town. When I was younger, I really love to look with this people who spent all their times nailing, dragging and even lifting heavy woods or steele for the house the y are making. The whole place/house is really skeleton and later on after a day or so, they can filled the entire house with the wood they put in it.

My cousins also build furniture and even though the sounds of the saw is really annoying. But it is really fun watching them too. I was really impress that they can make good designs and furniture that you would want them to make.

Their place is where I hanged out often, because I just love to watch them until they will finish a single task. I was thinking, I wish I know how to do it. I wish I don't need to go to school to learn all of these. I am sure this is very difficult and tireful, yet I do find it fun.


Shelly's Gift

Better late than never. These DS game was a Christmas Gift for me from my SIL Shelly. Was given last Friday while on our way to my Prenatal. Was really excited to go home after the appointment to try it with my DSi. It was fun and exciting. Loved it and I enjoyed playing with it. If you have  a DS, why don't buy that game.


23 January 2010

2010 Homebuyer Tax Credit

If you are a homebuyer and didn't know much about the 2010 homebuyer tax credit this is your chance to know oh how to get your money back. I do admit that, I don't know much about this too since this would be the first time owning a house. The day that I got married. I don't have any knowledge about this thing until I research further and was across into this website. And this strikes me the most on what you will be having while I was reading more information from their website. Must have to know about Home Buying Tax Credit. And I'm confident enough about the features they have online that way we would know about th rage we are in.

For first-time homebuyers, or those who have not owned in the last three years, can receive up to an $8,000 tax credit.

 Wouldn't that strikes you the most? Getting back that amount would be a great savings. As we are a first time homebuyers and was also checking out the details they have online. I'm pretty much sure that we are eligible for the tax credit. I must tell you that if you want to make sure that you get your money back? Learn more about homebuyer tax credit. I can't wait to share this information with my husband to make sure we will get our share this year.


Spin the Wheel

I didn't join the one that you can see on the television. This spin the wheel is one of the games we have at work. After your mentoring or session with your supervisor regarding your account knowledge and customer service with an average of 100/100 you'll get the chance to spin the wheel. I was aiming for a clock, but lucky enough that I got the chance to win that $10.00 gift card from Walmart.

They want to exchange their won clock but I told them no! Because later on I'll be able to get that clock someday. Lucky enough huh, to get a gift card...Can't wait to use it to buy some good stuff.


22 January 2010

If you are looking

For a nice and comfortable agent and you are living in Utah. Getting a Utah ad agency is really one of the best way to do. Because if you do get an agent, they have so many options for your businesses. Especially when you are just starting with your personal business. You don't want to be down the first few months right? Getting an agent and making sure that you have enough or shall I say more than ads for your business that really helps. Because that is one of the way to draw your customers in your business or in the website. Getting a professional agent for an ad is a Must! You just can't do it by yourself.

I also heard that mostly people in Utah can afford to buy lots of things. Meaning putting up a business in that area would probably a good idea. Now it reminds me, what my husband told me regarding going to that place someday. We have to go to this mall where you can buy good stuff and at the same time, if we see that business out there is working pretty well. We might end up putting up a business on that place too.


Stew Pork [Pork Sinigang]

Another food that I love to keep making here. Since the weather is too cold, a good pork stew is a perfect meal for the whole family. I put baby spinach and the magic sinigang ingredients so I will not spend too much time figuring out the taste. Thanks to my family in Philippines whenever they send me some good stuff they don't forget on sending food stuff too.. They also knew that soon I'm having a baby and I'll be bfeeding him so soup would be a great idea on helping produce bmilk.


21 January 2010

Duplicate Files Finder

Lately I have been too irritable and lazy. I have mentioned it to my previous post the reasons behind all this laziness and irritability. Blame it to hormones and drowning of the energy that I have left for the whole 12 hours to function. I don't even got the change to make sure that I know how to find duplicate files download online. I know I am totally lost. Can't function well, but do you know that you can do that online? A download program where you can find at molekinsoft.com an easy way for you to find your duplicate files online. Find it easier and quicker. Makes you feel in good mood always after a long day and you want to make sure that you have that duplicate file erase in order not to get confuse over somethings. I'm sure this will help me a lot soon. For now I must have to be more focus on what is coming first and bookmark this information. That way when I'm on my real senses I know exactly where to go and find or use duplicate file finders online.


Just exhausted

I have been working consecutively this past week. Aside that my body is just too heavy and all the energy that I have was all consume not only by me but also Baby C inside me. He loves play and kicks inside me. Aside from that, work is just too exhausting. Maybe because of my hormones. I am just not in the mood everyday that I woke up. Especially knowing if I'm going to work and listen to this people who loves to complain and complain. Well thank to them, because without them doing it I don't have a job.


Toaster Oven

I am not really used into upgraded appliances or shall I say the more higher appliances. Well maybe because even though my parents can afford to buy one. They would rather us be into the old ways instead. Aside from giving us more lessons to work hard in life to get a nice and better appliances at home it also help us use the old ways of appliances. So that means, we won't miss the old ways as we all know that everything nowadays has been upgraded into much high technology.

Oven toaster before is way too expensive. And mostly rich people could only afford to buy it. My family usually to be more practical and I'm glad that they choose that way. And now that I move in the US with my husband, every single house do own a convection toaster oven. Which at first I got confused and didn't bother to use it. I would rather wait for my husband to give me a hand than ending up giving the house an explosion because I didn't use the proper guidelines. Things makes this appliance easy. Made were cook fast and you can eventually bake cakes, cookies and other pastries easily.

I'm still thankful that I have used the old ways because at least I could differentiate the old from the modern.


Mung Beans with Coconut Milk

That is one of my favorite while I was in Phils. I could remember that I don't care if I ate too much whenever that is the viand we have. I loved it especially when my Mom made it because the taste is just too different from what I made. Maybe because the pure and fresh coconut milk is much better than the one we buy on the store. Better than nothing right? Mahal don't usually that much, still he ate and enjoyed the one i made.


Online Internship

Okay, nowadays everything is really modern and more of into technology. When I could still remember during my school days. There is not much offer regarding an online internship for your field of specialization. Now, I just found a website where you can actually get your international internship and take note. It's one of the best because it is an international internship. I really wish that we do have this before, that way I have so many options in getting my internship from home.

I look further of the website and they eventually have a fashion internships. This is also made or created for those people who would be in the field of fashions. I could not imagine of how lucky and easy thing would be during the internship. You can do multi tasking while you are online at the same time in your internship. How lucky! If you would like to try check out the global internships for more informations about the said program.


401K Eligibility

I am glad to hear that I am eligible to one of the benefits of saving for the future in the company that I worked with. Although, some benefits were suck I never hesitated to refused this offer. Because pretty much sure that I needed this in the future during my retirement years. Yes just like the SSS we have in Philippines. Although it would not be that much money that you'll collect from the contribution you have. At least you have save something for yourself that would help you in the near future. And I'm glad that I did it.


20 January 2010

Curious about the satellite internet service providers

I do admit that I never tried having a  satellite internet service providers so I am really curious about the services and how they can provide me with the high speed that I wanted for my internet access. I am hearing many different stories about these but I don't really judge some thing especially when I don't do it and experience it myself. Maybe these people are just exaggerating of the bad days they have and end up giving out negative aspects about getting one.

So, I research myself and even more read of the reviews that people who have been using a satellite internet service. Not only that it saves them a lot but also they have a satisfaction guarantee about the experiences and service these company is giving them.

Now, I am so convince to switched and try getting an satellite internet service providers that way, not only that we can save for more. Me and my husband would enjoy the services that they give and offer us.


Sweet Rice Cake [Biko]

These is one of the desert I made during the Christmas Eve, to be feasted with my in laws while we all celebrate it with the whole family. I manage to make sure that the outcome on this food is great and I wasn't wrong they loved it. I save some for the house, my in laws loved it. Gave some to my friends and Filipino friends that way they would try my version. Thanks to my sisters who helped me with the recipe I finally made these desert. And guess what, still got the sweet sticky rice, meaning I'm going to make for more when there is only an occasion.


19 January 2010

Antique Clocks

I remember when I was still in Philippines when my mother got an old wall clock hanging on the wall and still working. Yes, I could remember, that antique thing is still working pretty well, make sounds every after an hour pass and still in great shape. I do wish that I could take a picture of it for a souvenir, so I could show it to you here. Now, that I am here in US, I don't have a single wall clock hanging and I missed what I used to before. I don't need to look and grab my cellphone because clocks is just all over the wall hanging. I was thinking to purchase a unique and antique for our home. Which by the way I found online while browsing. The grandfather clocks is simple one great idea. I do find one that look similar to the one we have at home. And guess what, it is not as expensive as I thought it would cost me. Now, that I do find the one similar at home, and would makes me think that I am just in Philippines. I would definitely buy that once I got my pay check. I am excited now and my heartbeat so fast because I don't want somebody would seen that clock and will buy it and now I have to wait because it is not on stock. I can't wait anymore.


17 January 2010

I am Sorry...

For all the bloggers whom I lost your link on this page. I didn't realized while the Transition was going on that I didn't even save the list of the bloggers who humbly exchange links with me. Please I would really appreciate it if you have informed me that I am on your page that way, I would know who I should linked back.

I have learned my lesson and I am really sorry for the inconvenience. I want to make things okay and be fair with you fellow bloggers. So please I will wait for you to let me know if you have me in your blog roll.

Thank you so much.


Movie Torrent

The only search engine and movie downloader that I can trust online is the Torrent. Because even though they are not perfect they gave me the satisfaction guarantee quality of a free movies that I download from the website. So I called it the movie torrents. In the website, you can find new movies that was not release in theater yet and now you end up seeing it first than other. And to come to think that you don't need pay for a single penny just to watch those hilarious movies. In fact, while sharing you my opinion now, I eventually download one of the new movies titled CLOUDY MEATBALLS. Can't wait to watch it with the husband. Sounds perfect, quality is awesome and you should also come and start downloading your pictures using Torrent now.


Pan De Coco

After months and months of craving for a Filipino pastry. I finally found a recipe online [the easy version] of Pan de Coco or known as Bread with coconut stuffings. I am not 100% if you agree with me of what I called it. I think as I remember, I made this during Thanksgiving mentioned about this food here and never even posted a finish product.

So here I am now, finally found the picture of the pan de coco version that I made. By the way, the husband also helped me roll and bake this bread. My in-laws loved it as well.


Ceramic Mugs

Do you know that you can customized with your own photo using ceramic mugs? With the help of ceramic promotional mugs. It is now capable for you to customized and put your photo on a mug. Not only that, we can make more and give it as a gift, giveaways in an occasion or simply make something that would represents your memorable moments that you would love to keep seeing. You can either purchase online or if you would like to make your own design you can actually make it without hesitation.

Creating your own design would be the BEST way to do. That way you would have your own uniqueness and originality when it comes to customizing your own works and products. Now for this incoming Valentines Day, surprise your loved ones by creating your mugs online with their photos stick on it.


Another Changes

If you observed the changes on this blog again. It just happened an hour ago when I finally decided to change the old template to a newer one. The one that I can improve quicker and faster. I was thinking that the Transition would takes forever but I was wrong. This is what I accomplished while I am waiting for my beloved husband from work.

I do hope that you would like the Transition happens here and hopefully that you will not forget to leave some comments too. If you do, I make sure that I will do the same thing to your blog/s too.


13 January 2010

Get a shutter

The idea of home improvement was in my head the first time I own and married here in US. It is not that I am not that comfortable with the one I have now, but renovation and improvising your home would be a great idea. Especially when I saw a nice shutters my mother in law on her windows really wants me to have the same thing too.And in order to gain all the money to provide all the stuff that I need and buy I work hard to save and buy a shutter for our home. I just love the way it looks and adds the beautification in your house. Why don't you get one too? We are definitely going to get a shutter now that we have both enough money to buy and pay for the renovation.


Winter Makes me wanna...

Go home to a Tropical Area where I don't need to wear too many clothes just to keep my body warm. Going outside the house without thinking I have to shovel the drive way first because it was packed with snow. At first, this snow is really great, especially a tropical girl who never been experience snow until I moved in a country that has a Four Seasons. The cold really bugs me and annoys me sometimes. But what I can do? I have to accept and deal with the Four Seasons now as I have choose to remain into this country. I'm bitching about going back home during Winter and comes back during Spring would be a great idea. The question is, can I afford that every year? I don't think so. I must say I just have to deal with this and hopefully we can move to a different location that has a Four Season but doesn't have snow.



How confident are you about your web page? Do you think that all people in the world would understand everything you have written in your web page/ blog, without the help of a translator? It is not that your blog or website is not that understandable but, I would prefer to install a translation that way my readers would have the options to whether remain to read an English words or would rather choose their own language.

A software where able to translate  the entire website would definitely give me a good understanding and a change they will be able to keep coming and visiting your page. I am really happy that this translator were made because it is not only convenient for me to read other's blog or website but also give me the understanding that I needed especially some blogs that have totally different language.

A great way to improvised your website get your transilia translator now.


Web Hosting

I'm sure I have been sharing you about this web hosting since years and years ago. I don't even remember when did I start sharing to get a web hosting and until now I still don't have the fix mind where I will purchase one for my two blogs and the one that I am working right now. I am just confused. I do have this so many options and still looking for a great review that way I won't feel regret on getting the right one. And the one that I will really stick into it.

One of the options is the webhostingrating where you can find so many options and great deals on the web hosting they can provide and suggest for your page. The second of the list it is the iPage web hosting that has the 2nd cheaper price, unlimited space and have a great reviews where you can find here. And before I have to grab this opportunity I must be able to at least review the rest of the web hosting. I might find greater options and good deals.

So if you are looking for a great deal web hosting better know and read some review first before purchasing one...


Bought a maternity winter coat

After struggling on what coat to wear during winter time as I am pregnant. I finally got a winter coat that really fits not only me growing body but to make sure that my belly and baby will be warm when I'm outside the house. I don't mind looking for a second hand winter coat as I won't be using it forever and it doesn't mean that I don't have a winter coat either. I do, was given to my by my mother in law last 2 yrs ago. It is perfectly great and love the color it's just that I can't close the belly part. Lol! you know why.


12 January 2010


Lately in my pregnancy, I am having so much trouble especially with my constipation. It gets worst, with the last  5 weeks it is giving me a hard time to constipate. I am not ashamed to share this because, it is just normal to every single pregnant woman. And that is how nature works. We have to suffer every single thing and I want this to be over soon. I don't mind being pregnant it is fun and overwhelming but the problem is if I got problem especially when vowelling. It is not really cool!


Long Skateboard

I am really curious to try skateboarding at the same time I am scared that might things not go right and I will end up hurting myself if I'll try and do it. Maybe it will for the first tryouts but soon when I know my balance and stuff I would not be hurting myself but at the same time cautions and enjoying the fun of riding on the longboard skateboards. Where I grew up, I don't see kids on the road having fun with their skateboards, showing off their tricks and talents to their friends. But when I moved here, they are everywhere, especially when it's summer time and you can see they are anywhere.  I do admire and impress that this kids can actually skate like a pro. Maybe because you need to practice all the time in order to know all the moves and balance yourself on that board.

I could remember, that isn't popular from where I come from, as we don't have that much cement street where kids can hang out. They have compound but it isn't that cemented as what it is now. And learning skateboarding now isn't a good idea I think. But still, that it still one of my list to try and hopefully it'll be soon after I pop out my baby int this world.


09 January 2010

HE Shovels in the middle of the night

You heard me right here, we didn't know how bad it was snowing outside and he never thought that it would be that bad outside. Was thinking he'll be shoveling it in the morning. But he was wrong, he ended up shoveling the drive way in the middle of the night that way, when he goes to work in the morning he doesn't need to get up soooooo early just to clear the drive way... We have enough snow, we don't need it anymore.

Took a snapshot while he's shoveling and if only I could help him shovel. I would do it.


06 January 2010

Entrecard Top 10 for December 2009

Thank you very much for those who drops by last month they are;

Wirez and Circuitz
Trends Finder 24/7
In This Life Of Ours
In My Kitchen
Product Reviews Von Mir
Jean sQuared
Vegetable Garden
Everything Has A Reason
Girls Are Made of Sugar & Spice And Everything Nice
Article Buster


Curtain Rods or Candle Holders

Went shopping before Christmas and one of the things that captured my eyes is this amazing curtain rods and the candle holders. I love to buy scented candles and lite them up to give a fresh and nice smell inside the house. I also find this very nice iron cabin decor. I told myself that I will be back and find this items without mentioning it to my husband. Because he really contradicts to all the things that I buy for the house. I am only making sure that our house will be more appreciated once we have visitors, or family to come over or visits us. Wouldn't that be great when they notice how nice you house is and how they admire your designing? Not for my husband, he would prefer to make it simple. But too bad, I won't I want my house to be looks gorgeous and comfy since I will be staying here the whole time during my maternity leave.


01 January 2010

Have a Happy New Year

To all people on EARTH....

 Glitter Graphics
When will the resting ancestor toe the line on top of the killer?

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