29 May 2009

Hair, Beautiful Hair!

Please join me with my new conversation with the topic of Hair.


25 May 2009

Memorial Day

Check out these conversation for a Memorial Day.


Chevrolet Van Radiator

Any of you who are looking for a great deal of a Chevrolet Van Radiator? I know a web site where you can actually shop online and locate the nearest branch where you to buy an affordable Radiator for your Chevrolet. That is right, www.radiator.com is offering a great deal of the said radiator to give satisfaction guarantee to each customer.

A great deal for a company's offer is an opportunity that you would not going to miss. They also sell other parts of Chevrolet. A trusted company to assure you that you precious cars are protected and given a nice and good quality parts. What are you waiting for? Check out radiator.com website for more details.


Think Before you Drink

Popular Energy drinks boost more than your get-up-and-go, warn scientists at Wayne State University in Detroit. Even in healthy young adults, consuming two can of and energy drink raises systolic blood pressure by 10 points and heart rate by five to seven beats per minute-significant elevations for people who have heart disease or guzzle energy drinks regularly. The triggers are thought to be high levels of caffeine and the amino acid taurine in the drinks.

On the other hand, if you tend to choose diet drinks, beware of their health risks too. ton Univeristy study of more than 6,000 people found that those who drink one soda or more a day -even a diet soda-were more likely to develop high blood pressure, high triglycerides and other risk factors for heart disease and diabetes.


16 May 2009

For Christians

This is dedicated for Christians people and I want to share something about what I have learned being one in the Christian Community. I am not against to any other religion because I do know that every religion they have their own interpretation and understanding of what the Word of God is. I do respect the different religion and I am pretty sure that they also respect the Christian people. Being in the Christian community satisfy me because I was brought that way, thought that way and NEVER regret that my parents help me lead into the good path. Where my body and soul accepts for what my religion is. I also known about the The Baptist Muse. I find this article very much confusing before, but not until I have read and understand what it is all about.

Are you not curious what it is all about? I could say, for me I didn't find it disturbing but in fact helps me understand and earn knowledge about the Baptist Muse. Respect is as what it is all about and anticipate that others might also know about these. If you want to read and have some knowledge regarding the Baptist Muse. Do not hesitate to at least take a peek in their website that way, you won't be able to have the bother in mind on what it is all about.


15 May 2009

Watch Out, Here Comes The Jury!!


13 May 2009

buzzTrendz ... Bringing Twitter and YouTube together!

What about your opinion? Do you want to share your answer to this conversation?


12 May 2009

Tattoos ... Unsavory or Main Stream?

A stances of getting a tattoo can be found on this conversation. Check out what's your opinion and answers on this topic?


10 May 2009

I really like wearing perfume or cologne

That is absolutely right! Since I was in Highschool I really like to wear perfume or cologne. It is not that I have a smelly body, but I just love to smell nice scent. I came up buying different kinds of perfume and tries it on me. Love mostly branded one for they don't smell that strong just like the famous Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme. That is right, I don't find it very much expensive for I also look of the quality and if it is worth it to buy one for me. It has great scent for you and the scent will last. There are also variety of perfume where you can choose from in www.scent.net much better for you to see it for yourself.


03 May 2009

The Nursing Home


02 May 2009

Oprah, Hugh, Twitter and Entainment Stuff!

Another set of famous Dneero Conversation that you might wanted to know;


01 May 2009

ERASING Dark Circles

It's not your lifestyle that causes those dark circles under your eyes. For some people, the discoloration is from the blood vessels that lie close to the surface. Age exaggerates the problem, With aging, we lose the covering of fat under the eye, says Carolyn Jacob, M.D., associate clinical instructor of dermatology at Northwestern University in Chicago. You can try a wrinkle cream, such as ELASTIderm, which boosts elastin production, thickening under-the-eye skin and hiding veins. Injectable fillers like Restylane can be used to replace lost fat tissue. Concealers provide a temporary fix, as do creams, such as RevaleSkin, that contain light-refracting particles, making the area appear less dark. If excess pigment is the cause, ask your doctor about the safety and efficacy of using bleaching preparations.

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